BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.4.y+iosDon't expect duplicated dpkg status-fd messagesDavid Kalnischkies3 years
1.8.2.z+iosMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/1.8.2.z' into 1.8.2.z+iosSam Bingner21 months
1.8.2.z+ios+jsonHack to make output not get out of orderSam Bingner20 months
1.8.y+iosDon't tell the server to set a cookieSam Bingner2 years
1.8.y+ios+jsonDon't tell the server to set a cookieSam Bingner3 years
cydiaRevert "Use C++11 threading support instead of pthread"Sam Bingner3 years
masterGerman program translation updateHelge Kreutzmann22 months
sille-apt1.8.0-SileoCoolStar3 years
1.8.2+ioscommit cc8c5eb106...Sam Bingner3 years
1.9.2commit ed4a8421e4...Julian Andres Klode3 years
1.9.1commit 67b51af0f9...Julian Andres Klode3 years
1.9.0commit 0cef11a38f...Julian Andres Klode3 years
1.8.2commit 8bfe582c8d...Julian Andres Klode4 years
1.2.32commit 48ae1e6228...Julian Andres Klode4 years
1.6.11commit 7889b38b77...Julian Andres Klode4 years
1.7.5commit 748ad756f2...Julian Andres Klode4 years
1.8.1commit 1444a54094...Julian Andres Klode4 years
1.4.9+ioscommit bb4b566507...Sam Bingner4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-01-13German program translation updateHEADmasterHelge Kreutzmann
2021-01-13Release 2.1.18Julian Andres Klode
2021-01-13Adjust apt-mark test for dpkg 1.20.7Julian Andres Klode
2021-01-13pkgcachegen: Avoid write to old cache for Version::ExtraJulian Andres Klode
2021-01-11Release 2.1.17Julian Andres Klode
2021-01-11Merge branch 'pu/misc-fixes-2-1-16' into 'master'Julian Andres Klode
2021-01-11Call ischroot with -tJulian Andres Klode
2021-01-11kernels: Fix std::out_of_range if no kernels to protectJulian Andres Klode
2021-01-10Portuguese manpages translation updateAmérico Monteiro
2021-01-08Release 2.1.16 - "Happy build-essential freeeze" releaseJulian Andres Klode