AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-12Make the compiler complain lessHEAD1.4.9+iosmasterSam Bingner
2019-04-12Don't access invalid string indexesSam Bingner
2019-04-10Merge tag '1.4.9'Sam Bingner
2019-01-22Workaround for shell scriptsSam Bingner
2019-01-22Remove RunCmdSam Bingner
2019-01-19Release Andres Klode
2019-01-18SECURITY UPDATE: content injection in http method (CVE-2019-3462)Julian Andres Klode
2018-12-26Merge Bingner
2018-12-26Merge nitotv apt fixes into Bingner
2018-09-30Use access instead of faccessat for iOS5 compatibilitySam Bingner
2018-09-28Remove errors that we don't needSam Bingner
2018-02-08build changes to work with our new httpJaywalker
2018-02-07Added kirb's TLS1.2 patchJaywalker
2018-02-07Lets get those sizes rightJaywalker
2018-02-07Reverting to kb's gpgv version for nowJaywalker
2018-02-07Fixed last few errors. APT is strict...Jaywalker
2018-02-07Missed a semicolonJaywalker
2018-02-06Fixed system() using coolstar's patch and added other required patchesJaywalker
2018-02-06Added seemingly missing filesJaywalker
2018-02-06Build system changesJaywalker
2017-09-13Release Andres Klode
2017-09-13Fix translator comment location for legacy target warningJulian Andres Klode
2017-09-13apt-daily: Pull in in service, not timerJulian Andres Klode
2017-09-13Do not warn about duplicate "legacy" targetsJulian Andres Klode
2017-09-13don't ask an uninit _system for supported archsDavid Kalnischkies
2017-09-13Gracefully terminate process when stopping apt-daily-upgradeBalint Reczey
2017-07-14Release 1.4.7, take 21.4.7Julian Andres Klode
2017-07-04Release 1.4.7Julian Andres Klode
2017-07-04travis: Migrate to DockerJulian Andres Klode
2017-07-02http: A response with Content-Length: 0 has no contentJulian Andres Klode
2017-07-02debian/gbp.conf: Set debian-branch to 1.4.yJulian Andres Klode
2017-06-30Reset failure reason when connection was successfulJulian Andres Klode
2017-06-29use port from SRV record instead of initial portDavid Kalnischkies
2017-06-29fix a "critical" typo in old changelog entryRobert Luberda
2017-06-28travis: ignore profiling warning in progress linesDavid Kalnischkies
2017-06-01Release Andres Klode
2017-06-01apt.systemd.daily: Use unattend-ugrade --download-only if availableJulian Andres Klode
2017-06-01apt.systemd.daily: Pass --dry-run to unattended-upgrade, not -dJulian Andres Klode
2017-05-31Release Andres Klode
2017-05-31Fix parsing of or groups in build-deps with ignored packagesJulian Andres Klode
2017-05-16Release Andres Klode
2017-05-16apt.systemd.daily: Drop the LOCKFD variableJulian Andres Klode
2017-05-16apt.systemd.daily: fix error from locking codeAlan Jenkins
2017-05-11Release Andres Klode
2017-05-07Updated Czech translation of aptMiroslav Kure
2017-05-07Do not try to (re)start timers outside 'apt' packageJulian Andres Klode
2017-05-04Release Andres Klode
2017-05-04Merge branch 'lp1686470'Julian Andres Klode
2017-05-04bash-completion: Fix spelling of autocleanMatt Kraai
2017-05-04Split apt-daily timer into twoJulian Andres Klode