path: root/apt-pkg/CMakeLists.txt
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-26Revert "Forcibly remove LZ4"Sam Bingner
2019-12-26Revert "Build system changes"Sam Bingner
2019-12-26Forcibly remove LZ4CoolStar
2019-12-26Build system changesJaywalker
2018-04-20CMake: Fix builds without zstdJulian Andres Klode
2018-03-12apt-pkg: Add support for zstdJulian Andres Klode
2017-09-10CMake: Properly handle Udev missingJulian Andres Klode
2017-09-09Directly link against libudev on Linux systemsJulian Andres Klode
2017-01-17CMake: Document that the globs are expanded during CMakeJulian Andres Klode
2017-01-17CMake: Find the Perl executable, and use it to run perl scriptsJulian Andres Klode
2016-11-22TagSection: Introduce functions for looking up by key idsJulian Andres Klode
2016-09-11Coverage: Do not print messages from gcovJulian Andres Klode
2016-09-02CMake: apt-pkg: Use correct ICONV_INCLUDE_DIRS variableJulian Andres Klode
2016-08-26CMake: Add missing iconv dependencyJulian Andres Klode
2016-08-26CMake: Do not use -lresolv if res_init exists in libcJulian Andres Klode
2016-08-26CMake: Do not hardcode -ldlJulian Andres Klode
2016-08-20CMake: Fix uninitialized variablesJulian Andres Klode
2016-08-06CMake: Add basic CMake build systemJulian Andres Klode