BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterxz should not be a pre-depend but rather a dependSam Bingner13 months
testingPrompt for network access on China devicesSam Bingner9 weeks
v1.1.32%b23commit 2f64a48d94...Sam Bingner9 weeks
v1.1.32%b22commit 464dbc1dfa...Sam Bingner3 months
v1.1.32%b21commit 4dca52c281...Sam Bingner4 months
v1.1.32%b20commit 9ee4d6ad38...Sam Bingner4 months
v1.1.32%b19commit a20bc85e79...Sam Bingner5 months
v1.1.32%b18commit b4741b4350...Sam Bingner5 months
v1.1.32%b17commit 0741252742...Sam Bingner5 months
v1.1.32%b16commit 5b575f3209...Sam Bingner8 months
v1.1.32%b15commit 171c8c4697...Sam Bingner8 months
v1.1.32%b14commit 5b20055580...Sam Bingner9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-12-15xz should not be a pre-depend but rather a dependHEADv1.1.32%b11masterSam Bingner
2018-12-13Fix postinstv1.1.32%b9Sam Bingner
2018-12-11Remove electra.list if it's presentv1.1.32%b8Sam Bingner
2018-12-04Support new naming for libsv1.1.32%b7Sam Bingner
2018-10-15Modify to also refuse to stash for iOS10.3 or higher in case somethin...v1.1.32%b6Sam Bingner
2018-10-15I don't care about stash in iOS11v1.1.32%b5Sam Bingner
2018-10-15Refuse to load electra reposv1.1.32%b4Sam Bingner
2018-10-13Add dynastic repo and update webkit stuffv1.1.32%b3Sam Bingner
2018-10-04Specify arches to compile via variable and clear up iOS11 availability warningv1.1.32%b2Sam Bingner
2018-10-04Add a default sources.listSam Bingner