BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterxz should not be a pre-depend but rather a dependSam Bingner4 years
properDon't require su for postinstSam Bingner17 months
testingActually fix strange metadata.cb0 crashesSam Bingner3 years
userspacerebootUserspace reboot supportSam Bingner24 months
v1.1.36commit f39460120a...Sam Bingner2 years
v1.1.35commit 8f7c00e36f...Sam Bingner2 years
v1.1.34commit 9f14c7183b...Sam Bingner2 years
v1.1.33commit 9bbb803867...Sam Bingner3 years
v1.1.33%a1commit adaa73af48...Sam Bingner3 years
v1.1.32commit 35ef645dbc...Sam Bingner3 years
v1.1.32%rc2commit 9e04441ed7...Sam Bingner3 years
v1.1.32%rc1commit 35933393a4...Sam Bingner3 years
v1.1.32%b26commit 004f27bdfb...Sam Bingner3 years
v1.1.32%b25commit e287ac6ceb...Sam Bingner3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-12-15xz should not be a pre-depend but rather a dependHEADv1.1.32%b11masterSam Bingner
2018-12-13Fix postinstv1.1.32%b9Sam Bingner
2018-12-11Remove electra.list if it's presentv1.1.32%b8Sam Bingner
2018-12-04Support new naming for libsv1.1.32%b7Sam Bingner
2018-10-15Modify to also refuse to stash for iOS10.3 or higher in case somethin...v1.1.32%b6Sam Bingner
2018-10-15I don't care about stash in iOS11v1.1.32%b5Sam Bingner
2018-10-15Refuse to load electra reposv1.1.32%b4Sam Bingner
2018-10-13Add dynastic repo and update webkit stuffv1.1.32%b3Sam Bingner
2018-10-04Specify arches to compile via variable and clear up iOS11 availability warningv1.1.32%b2Sam Bingner
2018-10-04Add a default sources.listSam Bingner