BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate for new in-kernel offset cacheSam Bingner19 months
v0.4%b3commit 4abbd1f554...Sam Bingner20 months
v0.4%b2commit 26429b42ac...Pwn20wnd20 months
v0.3commit 340496f25f...Sam Bingner22 months
v0.2commit 6409e172da...Sam Bingner22 months
v0.1commit cf517d0809...Sam Bingner22 months
v0.0.1commit dd6856043a...Sam Bingner23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-03-29Update for new in-kernel offset cacheHEADmasterSam Bingner
2019-03-21Getting inject runningSam Bingner
2019-03-20Merge pwn's changes to support arm64e via rebasePwn20wnd
2019-03-04Update to work with monolithic kernelsv0.4%b3Sam Bingner
2019-02-10Use the updated patchfinder64 from submodulev0.4%b2Pwn20wnd
2019-02-10Use task_info(TASK_DYLD_INFO) to get the kernel basePwn20wnd
2019-01-25Export function to check if a file is in static trust cacheSam Bingner
2019-01-02Rename {r,w}k64 in UndecimusSam Bingner
2018-12-29Update .gitignoreSam Bingner
2018-12-29Add a cdHashFor functionSam Bingner