AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-17Don't tell the server to set a cookie1.8.y+iosSam Bingner
2020-07-17Hack around nitotv's broken webserverSam Bingner
2020-07-17Update User-Agent stringSam Bingner
2020-07-17Add nitotv cookiesSam Bingner
2020-07-17Warn if appropriate on dateSam Bingner
2020-07-17Cleanup patches for 1.8.2Sam Bingner
2020-07-17Use access instead of faccessat for iOS5 compatibilitySam Bingner
2020-07-17Remove errors that we don't needSam Bingner
2020-07-17build changes to work with our new httpJaywalker
2020-07-17Added kirb's TLS1.2 patchJaywalker
2020-07-17Make the compiler complain lessSam Bingner
2020-07-17Workaround for shell scriptsSam Bingner
2020-07-17Added required patchesJaywalker
2020-07-17Added seemingly missing filesJaywalker
2020-07-17Build system changesJaywalker
2020-07-17Don't download "optional" files not in Release :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17For ReMap to work, S has to be marked volatile :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Tags should use StoreString, not WriteStringInMap.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Port TagIterator to correctly support ReMap (doh).Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Repeat after me: IMS-Hit is really "I am shit" :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17It is NOT OK to just munmap memory from malloc :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Symlinking final file failed is a common issue :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17This is realloc, not reallocf: be more careful :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Bill is consistent. Bill is correct. Be like Bill.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17You can't just assume the start is always zero :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17The length given to msync was calculated wrong :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Not /not/ immediately mapping a file is INSANE :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17The entire concept of PendingError() is flawed :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Bug #807012 also involves package dependencies :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17On IMS-Hit, you can't assume local compression :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17It is *never* a good idea to throw away stderr :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17It is just so absolutely critical that this works.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17My "tolerance" patch was a tad bit overzealous :(.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17You have to do the bounds check before the access.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Fix field-without-values appearing at end of file.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Of *course* I managed to get this check backwards.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17In the C locale, let's avoid any crazy transforms.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17It's just *mean* to complain if they already know.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Wreck validation until we can assess ecosystem :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17This is 2016 and APT already requires use of mmap.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Only check for valid Date if checking Valid-Until.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17I know this is "bad", but a "full wedge" is worse.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17For speed, you *need* multiple downloads per host.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17The fastest way to get field values is as a range.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Avoid wedging the entire system if recoverable :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Most interfaces (Maemo) need a high-level name :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17Store tags in the cache (they are very useful :/).Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17unlinkat is way way too modern to not autoconf :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17__deprecated is already defined by sys/cdefs.h :/.Jay Freeman (saurik)
2020-07-17arpa/nameser.h, unlike nameser.h, uses NS_ prefix.Jay Freeman (saurik)