BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd _libeditSam Bingner7 months
metapackagesInfrastructure to build a metapackage and _librsync metapackageSam Bingner7 months
personal/mcapollo/athenaAdded megatools.MCApollo17 months
personal/mcapollo/cctoolsUpdate cctools to 949.0.1; disabled align check for arm64MCApollo7 months
personal/mcapollo/lldblldb - Forgot the ncurses depend.MCApollo16 months
personal/mcapollo/masterMore greedy configure arguments to pcre & pcre2.MCApollo16 months
personal/mcapollo/node-updateNode: Update make.shMCApollo4 months
personal/mcapollo/openjdkImported openJDK from custom fork.MCApollo13 months
personal/mcapollo/sshpassAdded sshpass.MCApollo14 months
testingDropbear filesSam Bingner5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-03-23Add _libeditHEADmasterSam Bingner
2020-03-23Add various llvm packagesSam Bingner
2020-01-29Only sign for iphoneosSam Bingner
2019-12-20Update cctools to 927.0.2Sam Bingner
2019-12-19Update ld64 to support arm64eSam Bingner
2019-12-19llvm with libtapi supporting v3 in progressSam Bingner
2019-12-05Add ca-certificates as a built packageSam Bingner
2019-12-05Update libzip to 1.5.2Sam Bingner
2019-12-05Update uikittoolsSam Bingner
2019-12-05Update ld64 search pathsSam Bingner